Valløby Shipholding was founded in 2015 in connection with its first investment in a fleet of 8 chemical tankers; we followed later that year with an investment in companies that own 4 handysize tankers.

We seek to make investments in shipping segments that are neglected by the broader mass of investors; we do not follow the short-sighted, fashionable themes of the market. We keep our feet firmly planted in reality, however, and seek to avoid venturing into exotic segments.

Our philosophy is to ensure that we have the ability and flexibility to quickly react to opportunities or threats.  This is accomplished firstly through sound organization of the management of the vessels – commercial and technical – and secondly by optimizing the commercial strategy.

We work with a flexible management structure, where for each type of vessel we seek to use the best-in-class third-party technical and commercial managers in that specific segment.